Mr. Brent Simonds

AP Biology


Beginning in high school, I realized I love learning about the sciences. Looking back on things, I had some great teachers that motivated me to consider the sciences as a career. Growing up, I was also very much involved in sports. I ran track, played baseball, wrestled and was a competitive swimmer. I was a lifeguard for 7 summers on Pt. Lookout and Lido beaches. Combining my interests in science and sport, I pursued a degree in physical therapy at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. I worked full-time for awhile in acute care hospitals and private orthopedic sports practices. A physical therapist must understand biology, anatomy, physiology, the physics behind movements, and have the willingness to help people. I loved it, but wanted to help people in a slightly different way. I wanted to help people learn and share my passion for science. I started teaching high school biology 16 years ago but never stopped practicing physical therapy part time. I love what I do and make every effort to bring my experiences as a clinician into my classroom. I really enjoy teaching AP Biology. It's a very challenging course but incredibly interesting. Modern day advancements in science have been tremendous, allowing for some really interesting classroom discussions involving our curriculum. I also consider myself privileged, having some of the brightest and motivated students the school has to offer. When I'm not teaching, I am a father of 2 charming young men ages 7 and 10, and one beautiful soon to be 2 year old princess. With all my ''free-time" you can catch me out fishing in the ocean.


BA Health Sciences MA Physical Therapy University of the Sciences at Philadelphia. Licensed NYS Teacher Biology / Living Environment


AP Biology and Living Environment