Mr. Hillel Goldman

Associate Principal


On my first day as a student at Teachers College, Columbia University, they placed us in a circle and we went around the room explaining why we were there. Since I was in the graduate program for the teaching of English, the majority discussed how a love of either Chaucer, Shakespeare, Austin, or some other writer had led them to want to teach English. When it was my turn to speak, I explained that while a love of the subject was important to be a successful teacher, the reason why I was there was because of the students, not the authors.
I spent the first six years of my teaching career cultivating this student-centered approach while teaching English full time at both Magen David Yeshivah and Shaare Torah Boys High School. It is one of my core beliefs as an educator that if students are empowered and challenged, they will achieve phenomenal results both inside and outside the classroom. Toward that end, I was fortunate enough to be selected to participate in the Lookstein Educational Leadership Advancement Initiative and, with the help of the Magen David students, founded Emet Viyatsiv: The MDY Academic Integrity Society. Additionally, I was also able to launch MDY’s first Book Club and resurrected their defunct College Bowl teams, while also serving as a Grade Advisor.
Following my mornings at Magen David, I would then go over to Shaare Torah, teach another five English classes and also became the first Activities Director in Shaare Torah Boys High School history. In that capacity, I was able to establish, with the assistance of some amazing administrators and students, a Shaare Torah/OHEL Chavrutah Program, and the school’s first Debate, Chess, College Bowl and Torah Bowl Teams.
When I came to Rambam, I was immediately inspired by the love of learning, commitment to chesed, midos, and intellectual curiosity I saw in the talmidim. Indeed, every new idea and endeavor is met with enthusiasm from faculty and students alike.
Over the last few years, we have been able to add to Rambam’s already impressive body of work two Literary Journals, “The Harbinger” and “Expressions,” and a Law Journal, “Res Ipsa Loquitur.” We have also created an extra learning program, “The Masmidim” and helped establish The Yeshiva High School Poetry League and Landers College For Men Model Bais Din. “Tefillah Week,” as well as the birth of the Ohel/Rambam Chavrusah Program are also now cornerstones of the school year and embody the commitment we share with the talmidim to look in in order to reach out. Our Humanities Program has continued to grow and includes The Rambam Meet The Author Book Club (we shook hands with Elie Wiesel, Malcolm Gladwell, Michael Lewis, Mike Piazza and so many more!), The Shakespeare Ides of March Festival, Harmonidies Choir (over 50,000 views on YouTube!), Classic Film Club (which includes “Hitchcock Day”) Book Chat, Warrior Poetry, Rambam Band and an Art Society.
The Annual “Rambam Goes West to West Hempstead Tisch” at my house is something that my wife and I look forward to every year! Having the boys over at our house is an honor and another opportunity to cement the kesher created in class. Whether it is playing baskeball with the guys at a Shabbaton, having an informal Book Chat at Cravings (my treat!) or learning alongside the Masmidim on a Monday or Tuesday night, I truly love interacting with the guys and feel very lucky to be at the Mesivta.
By working with the talmidim for the betterment of the school, and not just for them, it is my hope to always live up to the Rambam legacy and past while working to enhance its future.


B.A. English, Queens College M.A. Teaching of English, Teachers College, Columbia University Phases I & II Educational Leadership Advancement Initiative, The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education Azreili EdD program, YU (Candidate)


English, Behavioral Economics