Mr. Joel Berkowitz

Jewish History


I am a graduate of Yeshiva University High School (formerly known as B.T.A., class of 1959) and New York University Washington Square College of Arts and Science (class of 1963). After my graduation I spent an additional year in graduate school studying Latin American history. I worked for the City of New York for 35 years, spending my last 15 years of civil service in the Bureau of Child welfare as a Case Supervisor, where I headed units involved in investigating both child neglect and child abuse. Additionally, I ran a very successful photography studio out of my home. My love of Jewish history combined with a knowledge of photography has allowed me and my wife, Linda, to visit many historically important Jewish communities around the globe. While visiting these far flung communities I was able to photograph over 1000 beautiful and historic synagogues in North and Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and North Africa. During my travels I have amassed a collection original documents, incunabula and artifacts that deal with Jewish history, i.e. the Inquisition, the Holocaust, the early Jewish communities of America, to mention just a few topics that my students in both Rambam and Shalhevet learn about. As my students are allowed to handle these items during class Jewish history becomes alive and a meaningful experience.


NYU Washington Square College of Arts and Science


Jewish History