Prof. Agus Budiyanto



I teach AP Statistics and Accounting at Rambam. I also teach Math Modelling and Statistics at CMSV. I have also taught various math courses at CUNY. My first teaching experience was in a middle school when I was asked to help my fellow students with mathematics and physics classes. I realized quickly that the task of solving a problem is very different from that of explaining to someone how to solve it. It is a task that involves many things beyond the problem itself, such as the ability to present your ideas clearly, to adjust to the listener and to consider different points of view. It has been my goal as an instructor to present relevant material as clearly as possible. In this connection, I find that teaching of lower level classes presents some interesting intellectual challenges. I had to learn that the simple things might be hard for students. I learned that, for example, algebraic computations contain lots of long forgotten intermediate steps and that students get confused if you skip them. So it's very important for an instructor to ask himself: how does this look from students' perspective? How did I see it, when I was in their place? Another goal I'm pursuing is to teach understanding rather than just rules or a method for getting the right answer. I encourage students to think on their own rather than to simply memorize theorems and formulas. Far too often students just follow problem-solving recipes, which is not a very valuable method, in my view.


MA in Pure Mathematics, City College PhD. Program, Graduate Center - CUNY


Statistics and Probability, Accounting, Calculus, Math Modelling, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Logic, Set theory