Rabbi Avi Haar

Assistant Principal


From the time he was very young, Rabbi Avi Haar had a passion for teaching: First as an Oneg and Learning Group leader, then as a basketball coach. After completing his degree and residency in Podiatric Medicine, Rabbi Haar split his day between teaching Limudei Kodesh and his private practice. He has been at Rambam since its inception and in 1996 gave up his podiatry practice to work full time at the Mesivta. Rabbi Haar has taught Gemara, Tanach, Math, Physiology/Halacha and serves as the Israel Guidance director. His greatest pleasure as a teacher is when his students’ eyes light up upon understanding a stimulating idea or svara.


B.A., Brooklyn College, Magna Cum Laude Semicha, Yeshiva B’nei Torah Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, NY College of Podiatric Medicine, Magna Cum Laude