Foreign Language

The general objective for the teaching of foreign languages is to provide the talmid with the necessary skills to communicate effectively and understand the language being studied. Emphasis is placed on proficiency in a language in order to be able to understand and appreciate the contributions of various peoples to contemporary civilizations.

All students must successfully complete the Hebrew Regents examination and must take at least two years of Foreign Language. The Mesivta’s language offerings include:


The basic Hebrew course is required of all Freshman. The course is geared towards giving students proficiency in conversational and written Hebrew. Considerable time is spent on grammar, sentence structure and reading comprehension. On the honors level, the course is taught almost completely in Ivrit B’Ivrit.

In the 10th grade students can choose between Hebrew, French, Yiddish and Spanish. The number of classes given depends on talmid demand.

Advanced Hebrew

A course in Hebrew language and literature offered to those in the sophomore year. This class is open to students who achieved over a 90 on their Hebrew regents. The course is designed to enhance the student’s ability to read, write and speak Hebrew. Acquiring these skills will clearly help the student excel in his Limudei Kodesh studies.

Spanish I

This course deals with basic vocabulary, verbs and sentence structure. Various cultural items are brought in during the course such as a Spanish language magazine, Hispanic holiday celebrations, etc. By the end of the course, students will be able to converse on an elementary level with Spanish speaking people. The communicative skills of speaking, reading, writing and listening comprehension are emphasized.

Spanish II

A course in Spanish language and literature offered to those students who achieved a sophomore average of 88 or higher.

Spanish III

This course is taught at a more advanced level. Once again, all four communicative skills are emphasized. Students are also prepared for the NY State Regents examination in Spanish.