The general objectives in teaching mathematics are to develop an appreciation of the meaning and value of logical thought and its use in the solution of problems, both mathematical and practical, as well as to develop the ability to express ideas accurately, organize and interpret data, draw logical conclusions and to extrapolate and apply the principles learned. In addition, the mathematics program thoroughly prepares students to perform up to their maximum ability on the PSAT, the SAT, and other examinations of mathematical skills.

Students are required to take a minimum of three years of mathematics and are encouraged to take mathematics in their senior year. Students who enter the Mesivta with advanced standing in Regents mathematics proceed to the next level of the three-year Regents sequence.

Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II/ Trigonometry, Common Core

These courses are intended to develop students mathematical and problem solving skills while preparing them for the New York State Math Regents. The Regents will be given in June of this year.

Business Math

This course is designed to review the skills of mathematics as they apply to the world of business and every day life. Its goal is to help students develop their mathematical abilities to the extent necessary to resolve problems in real life situations. Emphasis is placed on such topics as fundamental operations and their use in management, banking, commissions, investments, savings, insurance, credit card interest, mortgages, loans and taxes.

Calculus/AP Calculus

Students who have completed the three year Regents curriculum by the end of the sophomore year take a two year course in math leading to the AP Calculus exam. The course begins with the study of functions, and develops the understanding of functional relationships and notation. This background information is traditionally a course called pre-calculus. The course continues with the study of Differential Calculus and methods of mathematical solutions. During the senior year the course emphasizes Integral Calculus. Besides the material specified by the BC syllabus, additional time is spent on computer oriented solutions to calculus problems. In May of the course’s second year, talmidim may take the Advanced Placement Examination.

AP Calculus AB

For those who have taken and passed the Math B regents in eleventh grade. College level course with an AP exam at the end of the course

AP Calculus BC

This course will be a continuation of the 11th grade Calculus class leading to the completion of the material for the BC (more advanced) AP Calculus examination.

For interested students, the mathematics program also includes preparation for mathematics competitions (Mathematics League, MA examination), a mathematics team, mathematics research projects and PSAT/SAT preparation.