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Athletic Teams

The Raven Reigns Supreme!!

At Rambam, academics and learning are rounded out by a fantastic athletic department that focuses just as much on character building as much as it does on winning. We field a number of different athletic teams which compete in the MYHSL including: Varsity and Junior Basketball; Varsity and Junior Varsity Hockey; Varsity and Junior Varsity Softball; Bowling; Tennis; Soccer; and Flag-Football. While winning games and making the playoffs/championships is always exciting, at Rambam, sports are principally about learning important life values through athletics. Teamwork, commitment, and dedication to reaching a goal; sportsmanship, camaraderie, and friendship – these are the messages that we want our student athletes to internalize at Rambam…and, the Rambam Ravens are a fantastic source of school spirit and pride.

February Madness

February is tournament month at Rambam. The entire school participates in a marathon 3-on-3 basketball tournament that culminates in the top two teams playing for the championship in front of the whole school!

3-on-3 Hockey Tournament

Following February Madness, Rambam also has a school-wide 3-on-3 Tzadakah Hockey Tournament. The tournament begins in the afternoon and lasts until well after dark when a champion team is crowned.

And More!!

The school also features sports - soccer, Frisbee, flag-football, and basketball during “Club Hour.” There is also an annual, school wide Four-Corner Dodgeball Tournament and, based on student demand, there have also been 4-on-4 Soccer Tournaments. Additionally, the start of the year Shabbaton at Camp Seneca Lake features basketball, hockey, softball, Frisbee, soccer, volleyball, tennis, dodgeball, swimming, roller hockey and more! The Shabbaton also features one of a kind Home-run Derbies, Gold Glove Tournaments, and a school-wide Flag-Football Tournament.

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