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Rabbi Yotav Eliach,

Educational Coordinator, Zionism

I’ve been teaching for over three decades, – it’s a little hard to believe, actually – over a decade spent at Rambam Mesivta. My focus has been on the fact that our Yeshiva students need to be prepared to become ambassadors for Israel and for Judaism on campuses and in the workplace. That means that they not only have to have the necessary information at their fingertips, but also be able to present it – verbally or in writing – in an informative and convincing way. I also speak publicly about Israel and Zionism and am active in “Write On!” which teaches students to use the press as a medium through which to express support for Israel. My proudest achievement is when I see my students making Aliya, serving in the IDF, becoming teachers of Zionism and Jewish history, or otherwise becoming community leaders. 

Contact Information:

516.371.5824 x118

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