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As you may know, Midreshet Shalhevet was unfortunately forced to close its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


We understand that many of you may have planned your upcoming year with the expectation that the school would continue to operate. As such, we have arranged with Rambam Mesivta to provide limited services to our alumnae to ensure a level of continuity. These services will be outlined below.

Transcripts - Rambam Mesivta will be continuing to issue official transcripts to alumnae for those that require one. For alumnae who graduated (or students who attended MSH) in the past five years (2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016), a transcript will be issued at no cost. Graduates from the class of 2015 and earlier will be subject to a $10 administrative fee.

Please note that transcripts will not be issued for students who have outstanding balances to the school.

Digital Accounts - Rambam Mesivta’s Office of Information Technology will be maintaining alumnae digital services for a limited time. Access to your school issued MSH Google accounts will be guaranteed until August 1, 2021. We recommend that you take the time to update any accounts and services, particularly with Midrashot and Universities to a different email address. Additionally, please review any content, emails or documents that may be stored in your inboxes, Google Drive, or Google Classroom that may be of value to you. 


We have enabled the Google Takeout feature which will help facilitate your migration and will allow you to save the content to your personal devices. This tool can be accessed at For more information, you can review the support document here.

For academic inquiries, please contact

For technical support, please contact

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