Educational Technology


At MSH, we are committed to supporting the growth of our teachers and invest in helping them become more effective and efficient at their craft. We also recognize that in today's world, a well-rounded education needs to promote exposure to and comfort with different kinds of digital media. For these reasons, we have instituted an education technology initiative.


There are three main components to our initiative:


I. Google

We are a Google school. Each class has its own Google Classroom site, which serves as a central hub for assignments, announcements, review materials and other resources. Students use Google Docs, which allows students to easily submit work, receive feedback, view fellow students' work and collaborate. Google Drive serves as an online external hard drive, a location to store (as well as create or receive) anything relevant to school. Many of the other Google apps, such as Calendar, Forms and Sites, have the potential to be useful as well. Google Classroom is also compatible with a host of educational apps that can aid in student learning.


II. Professional Development

Several times throughout the school year, our Director of Educational Technology holds workshops for teachers, in which they are introduced to different helpful educational technology tools. Depending upon need and interest, these may include organizers, productivity apps, presentation and discussion tools, assessment generators, useful blogs and discussion boards and more. Teachers also receive one-on-one support in implementing educational technology tools in their classrooms.


III. Tech Squad

Among other things, successfully implementing technology use means being prepared for things to go wrong.  For this reason, a group of students each year receives training in addressing basic technological issues. Our in-house "geek squad" serves as a first stop when problems arise. This leads to minor matters being handled faster, allows our IT personnel to spend their time more efficiently, and also provides significant educational benefits and experience to squad members.