Mike Kelly, 


I’m what you’d call a math “wonk.” I’ve always loved math and when I see my students do really well on the Regents exam, I’m not sure who’s happier, me or them. I’ve participated in many different types of preparatory programs that demonstrate different methods for teaching math, and actually making it fun. I remember, as a young teacher, trying to explain a concept to a class under the eye of a very stern principal; after a few failed attempts, I asked the students if anyone thought they could explain it better than I did. One student raised her hand; I sat down and she explained the concept beautifully. The principal was impressed that I had figured out a better way to get the lesson across to the class, even if it meant foregoing ceremony or personal pride. To me, that’s the most important message to get across to my students: that I really want them to learn, and will do almost anything to help them get there.