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Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman

Rosh HaMesivta

I was a very good student in high school, but I loved shtick. I’ve been teaching now for almost 30 years. My philosophy as a teacher is: Never give up on a student. I remember one particularly annoying student – you know, the kind who would raise his hand and call out, “Ooo, ooo”, but when I’d call on him he’d say, “Oh, I forgot the answer.” But I kept encouraging him, and years later someone came back from Israel with regards from that boy – who is now a R"aM at a Yeshiva there. I always remind the staff that there is nothing sweeter than nachat from unexpected places! I love to laugh with my students at Rambam and MSH; sometimes they tell me my jokes are corny, but I reply “I’m a doctor of podiatry – what do you expect!”


Contact Information:

516.371.5824 x108

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