Simcha Bader


Some individuals find a profession that suits their lifestyle. Others have a certain profession in their genes, more nature over nurture. History has always been in my blood and I enjoy it as a lifelong study. With my passion also my profession I could not have picked a better job than working for a school like Shalhevet. My Masters degree concentration was in Middle Eastern studies, with my most interesting courses covering topics such as Iran, Turkey, and American involvement in the Middle East. I also spent four years in Israel while taking my undergraduate work and I feel I have a special connection to Modern Zionism and Modern Jewish History. As a teacher I enjoy using my classroom as a large discussion group, letting our students question and debate the topic in history we are covering. Given the choice I would always pick teaching in a high school setting because of the interesting feedback and opinions our students give. I truly enjoy the conversations we have in the classroom as we cover our curriculum. 

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