The English Department

The English department develops strong written and verbal skills enabling our students to be effective communicators. The study of literature is a means to reflect on individual identities, self-expression, exercise imagination and explore the
various experiences of humanity.

The department has developed a 4 year spiral curriculum building skills from year to
year. All major English courses are offered at two levels, college preparatory and honors. Qualified juniors and seniors have the additional option of Advanced Placement courses. Both sections thoroughly prepare students for the English Language Regents taken in senior year, the SAT, and ACT exams.

Grades 9-12

Students familiarize themselves with a diverse canon of literature, including fiction and non-fiction. Students develop their critical thinking skills by engaging in text based analysis and rhetorical strategies. Each student becomes proficient at
writing literary analyses, persuasive papers, and research papers. Students are given a chance to engage their creative skills and personal expression through writing poetry and inspired texts.

Students are encouraged to cultivate the habits, attitudes and flexibility of a professional writer in a professional writing community, practicing writing like a reader and reading like a writer. Students participate in writer response groups, read
contemporary published authors, keep and regularly write in a writer’s notebook, and explore various genres.

Grade 10
Students practice and develop skills that they will need in order to speak comfortably in a public setting. They learn to present various types of speeches including informative, persuasive, and demonstrative, perfecting their speaking abilities by learning the art of timing, eye contact and body language.