Senior Year

Senior year is one filled with a rich array of special programs as our students prepare for life after High School. Students graduate Midreshet Shalhevet with a
strong foundation to keep their passion for Torah and learning alive.

This course provides the opportunity to study a variety of topics that all women
should be familiar with. Throught text based analysis of primary and secondary
sources, both the practical and conceptual aspects of the topics are considered,
and include; mitzvat asei shehazman gramma, agunot, ketuba, limud Torah, tzniut,
and nidah. Towards the end of the year, seniors partake in a trip to the mikvah to
see first-hand the beauty of the mitzvah.

Health is a required one semester course in senior year, intended to help prepare
students for the challenges of their upcoming years. Students focus on the six
dimensions of health: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social.

Students learn how to deal with everyday situations that they might encounter after
high school. Some of the topics covered include basic car maintenance, how to
balance a checkbook, and how to put together a professional resume. They partake
in mock interviews to prepare them for college and seminary, and ultimately job
interviews. Students learn
the difference between debit and credit as well as various tax and employment

Midreshet Shalhevet holds special programs during senior year in order to prepare
students to better confront the challenges of the years ahead ranging from
challenges on college campuses, genetic counseling, etc. Students also partake
in senior internships to begin experiencing the working world in a supervised environment.