The Foreign Language Department

Our Foreign Language Department teaches students to speak fluently in foreign
languages by requiring students to take four years of Ivrit and two or three years of
Spanish. In all languages, students become proficient in understanding, reading
comprehension, conversational dialogue, and, with the exception of Sign Language,
written expression.

Grades 9 -12
This course provides students the tools for proficiency in conversational and written
Hebrew. Considerable time is spent on grammar, sentence structure and reading
comprehension. Honors courses are taught Ivrit b’Ivrit. All students take the Hebrew
Regents exam.

Grades 9 - 10 or 9 - 11
Spanish is taught over three years, building knowledge of the language and culture
each year. Students learn proper grammar and vocabulary, and participate in group
activities and assignments to enhance their communication skills. Students who elect
into the third year of Spanish take the Regents exam.

Students gain knowledge of sign language, have a better understanding of deafness
and deaf culture, amplification and technology options, and the challenges deaf people face.